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Fred Keebler  artist, photographer, web developer

Artist Services

When I started my art career, I learned that most artists find technology challenging.  With over 20 years of working in and teaching technology, it was only natural for me to help artists dealing with the complexity of technology.  This lead to me become the webmaster for VAAL, doing websites for artist, and tutoring on technology for artists.  

Many artists have asked me about taking photos of their art for submission to shows.  This led to the expansion of my services into photography.  I saw that it was extremely inconvenient for the artist to take their artwork to the photographer.  From that observation, came the idea of taking the photo studio to the artist.  Although, those with only a few pieces to photograph may choose to save money by bringing the artwork to my studio.

Photographing Your Art

We travel to your location and photograph your artwork.  It can be in a frame or unframed.  Then the photographs are processed with Photoshop on a calibrated monitor.  The raw and process files will be transferred to  a flash drive and your computer .  When submitting to a show, we can burn CDs and create inventory lists.  If you have your own photographs, we can process them with Photoshop for you.  

Please request a quote, for photography other than artwork.

Please note there is a minimum of $50.00 for a session at your location.  There is no minimum at our studio.

Website for Your Art

We create a website tailored to the artist.  You can start with the basic 4 page artist website and expand it as you wish.

Many ask what is Search Engine Optimization?  It is the process of getting your website noticed by search engines such as Google.   Being noticed by a search engine means that when someone searches for an artist in the Detroit area your website is displayed in the the first few pages.  Having a website without being noticed by the search engines is like having a new car without an engine.

Development Costs Pictures of your art!  Your art on your website!  Learn to use technology! Maintenance Costs

Website We have Developed

Below are a list of some of the websites we have developed.